Arnaz Kitties

Our kitties and little dog, Jelly, will be
characters in some of my upcoming
stories so I'd like you to meet them... 

This is Jelly -- the newest member of our animal
family.  We adopted him in May 2005 when his
owner (our neighbor) died suddenly.  At first he
was passive towards the kitties but now he
charges them if they try to approach me so they
constantly have to be on guard.....ugh.

Magic Tutu photos 002.jpg

This is Margo Fonteyn. (I named her after the
world's most famous ballerina.) Margo is the
mother of Mr. Bubbles and Baby Girl.  She is
very sweet. She was rescued as a kitten from
the alley behind the Fremont Hotel in down-
town Las Vegas where people dump litters. 

Animals in Oregon 008.jpg

This is Mr. Bubbles. He weighs 20 pounds. 
He's a gentle giant and will be running for
President in 2012 for the newly formed
Love Party.  Meow...

Magic Tutu photos 004.jpg

This little white cat looks like Miss Daisy but
it's really Angel.  She has blue eyes and Miss
Daisy has yellow eyes.  Angel was a lost cat
that lived under the deck in our backyard for a
year before finally trusting us enough to let us
pet her.  

Animals in Oregon 011.jpg

The kitty below on the basket is Baby Girl.
She's Margo's daughter and she's my favorite....
very loveable and cuddly.

Magic Tutu photos 009.jpg

Haley found these 2 kittens in the alley behind
her house.  They're from the many feral cats
that live on our street.  She named them Cherry
& Jewel.  Right after this photo was taken poor
little Jewel died suddenly of feline leukemia.
Cherry is OK.  

Magic Tutu photos 005.jpg

Baby Bear (below) is our oldest cat..  He lives
with Haley and Cherry.  You'll read about him
in my Juliana Cuddles book.


And of course, the star of The Magic Tutu is
Miss Daisy.  We've had her since she was
only 2 weeks old.  She was an only child and
her poor mother was dinner for the coyotes
leaving the poor little kitten all alone.


Miss Amy